Doulton Water filter (White)

Doulton Water Filter (White Casing)

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Doulton Ceramic Water Filter

  • 100% Pure Natural Ceramics
  • 100% Made in England
  • 100% Point of Use, Boiling not required
  • 100% Cleanable & Re-usable
  • High Efficiency Filter 99.99% plus. Bacteria, cyst & particles
  • Long life/ Value for Money
  • Anti-Bacterial Action
  • Retains Essential Minerals
  • No Power Required
  • High Flow

Multistage filtration in one filter candle

  • Outer shell – Micro Filtration
  • Anti-bacterial formula within the ceramic matrix inhibits microbiological growth
  • Activated carbon takes out chlorine and organics improving taste and odour


Enhanced Anti-Bacterial Properties – Doulton ceramic filter candles have an anti-bacterial matrix integrated into the ceramic mix, making the candle self-sterilising and inhabiting bacterial growth on the filter


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