Wednesbury Streamline Copper Tube


Wednesbury Tube supplies copper tube, marked with the world famous ‘Wednesbury Streamline’ brand, for a variety of uses including hot and cold water services, gas and sanitation applications, together with special products such as medical gas tubes and plastic-coated copper tubes. Wednesbury Streamline plumbing tube is supplied in straight lengths in sizes ranging from 12mm up to 159mm diameter, and in coils in sizes 8mm up to 28mm diameter.

Copper tube has a long history of use in plumbing, gas and heating systems. It has proved to be the most reliable product available for the conveyance of these services. Its use in plumbing and heating systems has become standard due

to its ease of installation, its inherent health benefits (restricting the growth of bacteria), and its longevity in service. These benefits, together with its excellent corrosion resistance, makes copper tube the ideal choice. It needs fewer fixings than some other materials and it is easier to join, and more readily available.

Wednesbury Tube manufacture their copper tube to the exacting requirements of BS EN1057. Quality is paramount at Wednesbury Tube’s UK production plant. The tube is rigorously tested, at regular intervals, by the British Standards Institution to ensure it meets the standard. In recognition of the confidence in their product quality, Wednesbury Tube have earned the right to use the British Standards Institution’s Kitemark as evidence of compliance.